Event-Trac Features It Sticks!

Just the fact that it sticks to asphalt and concrete has to get you excited, right? Ok, maybe we’ve been breathing too much ink lately, but that wouldn’t explain the tremendous response to Event-Trac that we’ve been experiencing. If you stop and just think about some of the applications you can offer your customers, you too captain, will be on-board. 

Hey! The competition puts laminate on their product.

Bless their hearts! Hey, you remember when cell phones were attached to a briefcase? The fact is, things change, computers get smaller and some genius comes along and creates something that makes laminate pretty much obsolete. There is no reason, that we can fathom anyways, why you would want or need to put laminate on Event-Trac. It is the perfect product for short-term asphalt and concrete decals.

Why is it so inexpensive?

Cause we rock!  Oh, ok... We’ll fess up. Event-Trac was introduced to the market during the worst economy we have ever experienced, rather than let greed drive us, we took it as an opportunity to stimulate the economy and maybe pay an electric bill or two. Well several months into the product launch, we still aren’t driving Porsches, but the utilities are getting paid, we even had some money left over to send some flowers to some kids from the neighborhood... more about that later.

Hey, I can’t slide on this stuff.

Well, that’s the point, this stuff is no poser, it works!  We even tested it on some neighborhood kids, it’s ok, they signed releases.  Just to be sure, we paid some big company to put Event-trac through it paces, check out the awesome results on our download page.

Hey! Where are you going with my Event-Trac?

Well after your events happy ending, it’s time to clean up, with Event-Trac it’s oh-so easy. Simply work a corner or an edge up and peel away and place an order with us for some more. (note: that second step is imperative)

Remember the term, “short-term decal”? We designed this stuff for the short term, we’ll develop something else for the long term stuff, maybe even put a lamination on it and sell it for 10x as much.... we’ll call it...wait, the competition already did that.

You don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty by removing the tag.

This is true for two reasons, one – because there is no tag, two – because there is no warranty. I guess we just don’t see the point, it’s a short term product with a killer price and so far, everyone is happy (well, except for those kids that signed the releases, but they should have figured the consequences first, right?*)

But I want it to last for a long time!

Simple answer, buy something else, go support those other guys driving Porsches. Or....(you knew we had an answer for this right?) do some math, buy one expensive graphic that will start to look  old soon, or buy several Event-Trac decals for the same money and always have a fresh look.


*No living creatures were harmed during the deveolpment of this product.


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Event-Trac continues to rock the industry, it's low cost and short term design are a perfect combo for many events across the nation

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