Event-Trac Features

It Sticks to Asphalt and Concrete!

Event-Trac is designed to stick to uncoated asphalt and concrete and is intended to be a short term decal. 

Does not require lamination!

The slip resistant texture is embossed right into the substrate ensuring maximum grip.

Why is it so inexpensive?

Previously, the options were expensive multi-layered laminated products that require components and addition equipment to create, as well as training to produce. Event-Trac is engineered for simplicity, simply print on it, cut it out, apply and save money!

Non-slip texture.

To provide a safe surface for crowds as well as athletes, it’s important to provide similar traction to asphalt, even in rain. The embossed texture created in the manufacturing process provides that.

Removes easily.

Once your short term event is over, simply peal your Event-Trac off!  If you choose to use Event-Trac for an extended period of time, some adhesive residue may need to be power washed off after removing the decal.


Interested? Want to try Event-Trac?

Event-Trac continues to rock the industry, it's low cost and short term design are a perfect combo for many events across the nation

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